Why aren’t you using FreeBSD?

Paul Venezia wonders why more folks aren’t using FreeBSD.

‘There used to be a saying — at least I’ve said it many times — that my workstations run Linux, my servers run FreeBSD. Sure, it’s quicker to build a Linux box, do a “yum install x y z” and toss it out into the wild as a fully functional server, but the extra time required to really get a FreeBSD box tuned will come back in spades through performance and stability metrics. You’ll get more out of the hardware, be that virtual or physical, than you will on a generic Linux binary installation.’

FreeBSD is a free, fast, stable, feature-rich operating system. If you’ve never looked into it before, you should.

Thanks, Fernando, for emailing the link.

2 thoughts on “Why aren’t you using FreeBSD?

  1. dale scott says:

    My servers run FreeBSD but my (laptop) workstations run Windows and Linux Mint. I’d like to be using PC-BSD, but for now the user conveniences of Windows and Linux are holding me there. There just aren’t enough minutes left in the day for me after server-side development and education to then figure out how to get reliable suspend and resume (incuding automatic wireless connections when I could have been at home when suspending and am resuming at a Starbucks), unobtrusive mounting and unmounting of of USB memory devices (and that deals with suspend/resume and NTFS drives), a sound system that works with the volume keys on my keyboard and remembers my last volume setting, etc. I’m well aware my solutions have technically flaws, but they are good enough and let me focus on the server-side business at hand. I’m looking forward to PC-BSD 9.1 though!

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