Happy New Year

Wishing you all a good and prosperous 2012.

Hopefully we’ll see FreeBSD 9 released soon and some exciting new projects announced to make FreeBSD and operating systems based on it, the best branch of operating systems available.

What would you like to see worked on or added to FreeBSD in 2012?


  1. Jay says

    I would like to see new desktop environment (DE) based on BSD. :) Best of luck BSD for version 9.0 its looking awesome in RC3…

  2. Charles says

    On FreeBSD 9.0 I would really like to see enhanced support for desktop hardware, like easy working bluetooth, Gnome 3, latest intel graphics drivers and better support for laptops :)

  3. JohnsonVarghese says

    i would love to see an easily installed edition of FBSD. I am not newbie (not an expert either, but am comfortable with FBSD)….A simpler version of BSD with a LIVE cd version, similar to puppy linux or any of the live linux distros. A FreeBSD version of KNoppix……

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