Newly written code should be tested properly before it’s distributed widely. Programmers working on *BSD code pride themselves in writing and distributing quality code, but peer reviews and quality testing will always be necessary.

Every now and then you may come across Calls For Testing (CFT). Below you will find four links to recent CFTs.

I. Hands-on BHyVe

BHyVe is a type 2 Hypervisor for FreeBSD and PC-BSD that is similar to Linux KVM and consists of the vmm.ko kernel module, a few support utilities and a library. Because these are all loadable external components, they can be easily packaged and installed on an unmodified host. A BHyVe guest must currently be built with a few FreeBSD-specific shims that expedited development but the code is fundamentally portable. With a little help, BHyVe could support unmodified guests and be ported to other operating systems thanks to its simple design and permissive license.

Visit the BHyVe page for more details and instructions.

II. Call for Testers: PC-BSD GEM/KMS Snapshot

A testing snapshot that integrates the new DRM/GEM/KMS work is now available to testers. Full post with details and discussions: Call for Testers: GEM/KMS Snapshot.

III. Qt 4.8.1 and KDE SC 4.8.2

“While we wait for the ports feature freeze to be over, we invite you to test the upcoming updates in the KDE land:

  • Qt 4.8.1;
  • PyQt4 4.9.1;
  • KDE SC 4.8.2.
$ svn co
# sh Tools/scripts/kdemerge -kmpq /usr/ports

Since Qt started using the raster graphics system engine by default (and the native one seems not to be an option anymore), you should add…


…to /boot/loader.conf.” (via FreeBSD KDE)

IV. Kdevelop 4.3.0 available for testing

“Thanks to the contribution of Luca Pizzamiglio, Kdevelop was updated to 4.3.0 in area51, and you’re free to test it:

$ svn co
# sh Tools/scripts/kdemerge -m /usr/ports
# portmaster devel/kdevelop-kde4

If no problems are found, it will probably be committed when KDE SC 4.8.2 comes to the tree.”  (via FreeBSD KDE)