iXsystems’ TrueNAS Unified Storage Appliances will continue to leverage Fusion ioMemory technology for powerful, high-performance storage solutions.

From the press release: iXsystems Renews Collaboration Agreement with Fusion-io

After a successful first year, iXsystems announced today that it agreed to continue collaboration with Fusion-io through 2012. The renewal agreement means that iXsystems will work closely with Fusion-io to create new and innovative products integrating the Fusion ioMemory platform as Fusion-io continues to further push the boundaries of flash memory technology.

Over the past year, iXsystems has integrated Fusion’s ioMemory technology into the TrueNAS™ Unified Storage Appliance line. iXsystems’ servers and storage appliances are able to achieve unprecedented levels of scalability and performance, as well as enterprise reliability and lower latencies, when Fusion ioMemory technology is incorporated.

Brett Davis, Director of Sales and Business Development at iXsystems, states,

“We’re thrilled to renew our existing agreement with Fusion-io. Fusion ioMemory coupled with TrueNAS, provides us with a tremendous performance edge over the competition. Together we can offer customers world-class hybrid, unified storage solutions and continue to push the boundaries of modern data technology.”

Customers looking for the performance of TrueNAS backed by the power of Fusion-io can find it available in three models: the TrueNAS Enterprise, the TrueNAS Archiver Pro, and the TrueNAS Ultimate.
For growing businesses that require reliability and performance, the TrueNAS Enterprise delivers competitive, mid-size storage capable of meeting data-intensive demands. The TrueNAS Archiver Pro is a deduplication-focused appliance ideal for large-scale storage environments, offering unmatched scalability, data density, and storage efficiency. For those unable to compromise, the TrueNAS Ultimate is the perfect combination of maximum scalability and unmatched performance in a single appliance.

“We are pleased to extend our relationship with iXsystems to continue innovation through open appliances that meet a variety of enterprise needs. We look forward to continuing our work with the team at iXsystems to engineer solutions that improve data performance by reducing latency.”

said Tyler Smith, Vice President of Alliances, Fusion-io.

The renewed agreement between Fusion-io and iXsystems also formally adds the newest Fusion ioMemory-based technology to the TrueNAS lineup. TrueNAS models are available with ioMemory technology in capacities up to 10.2TB. Fusion ioMemory enables TrueNAS Unified Storage Appliances to achieve industry-leading I/O performance.