JabirBSD, a new FreeBSD based project

jabirbsdMuhammadreza Haghiri emailed me about the release of the JabirBSD 1.0.

JabirBSD is a rebranded FreeBSD version for Iranian and Farsi speaking users “with rsync, sudo, nano and a lot of command-line based software”.

This first release is a re-branded version of FreeBSD, with the intention to fork from FreeBSD at a later point. The reason for this forking is, allegedly, due to kernel related changes.

I think it’s great to see developers wanting to take FreeBSD to the next level, but, it could be just me, I’m a bit weary of these new projects. Most of them fall by the wayside due to loss of interest, too small teams or lack of spare time (SecurityBSD TrueBSD, Evoke etc). Unless the project is backed by a company (although that’s not a 100% guarantee – remember Tomahawk Desktop?) or a large team, most of the time the project fizzles out and ceases to exist.

I wish the developers had started off by contributing to FreeBSD (PC-BSD, TrueOS) before deciding to set up their own project, and potentially fork. At the moment JabirBSD 1.0 is the same as FreeBSD and it is not clear how JabirBSD is going to be different from FreeBSD.

Unless developers that already contribute to FreeBSD (or any other project) want to move the project in an incompatible or opposite direction, forking maybe the way forward, but taking that decision should always be a last resort. IMO

JabirBSD 1.0 released


  1. A Linuxer says

    He’s an Iranian psycho we’ve been dealing with him for the past few months in Iranian LUGs, MLs & forums. Now I see he’s switched his Jabir-rubbish from GNU/Linux to BSD. Good for us that he almost left the Iranian community forums, bad for you as he started to spread his bullshit to the world!
    Just a friendly advise, if you pay a little attention to him and his words, you won’t be able to get rid of him easily! :)

  2. Anonymous X says

    I’m very happy because Iranian people can do interesting works.
    and “A Linuxer” is more psycho than Muhammadreza :).
    For example, He call us (iranian people) cultureless! and he is the most cultureless person in the persian Linux community.

  3. says

    Oh aLinuxer just kidding:) in iran no body want to do any thing, at all!!
    But muhamadreza is a good starter,that’s enough for us,he’s the first one.& some body dont love him,why? because he’s just 18 and in iran people’s value is on their ages not their skills.
    here’s inferno! d. teamgeek

  4. Gerard says

    Let’s stay on topic and talk about JabirBSD! Otherwise I’ll close the comments on this post.

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