FreeBSD monitoring tool

Alexander has been working on a new FreeBSD monitoring tool and the first public release for FreeBSD is now available. He is looking for interested people who are willing to try and test it, and give him feedback.

We looking to build a proper, useful full coverage monitoring solution for FreeBSD and need your feedback.

You can read the announcement, the features list or visit for more information.


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    This tool doesn’t seem to be open-source, and you also need to register to their website to get the service working.

    – How do you know that it’s not a trojan or that the code is secure and their is no backdoor inside ?
    – Is it free ? What happens if they want you to pay a subscription once you use it on all your systems ?

    This tool seems interesting, but the service isn’t interesting at all.

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    Charles, you are actually getting a source with the agent, as it’s 95% written on Perl, and just a minor system info collection component is binary (otherwise you can’t get most of the data from the system), which you can control with ‘show-data-collected’ argument.

    I also provided a more detailed description of the system on the FreeBSD forum, as well as covering a fully open source agent:

    It’s just a 1.0 version and we are doing our best to provide you full set of services and transparency you would expect.

    Please, let me know if I any other concerns, ideas or thoughts.

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    Andrey, the monitoring solution is cross-platform and people use Linux as well, so we can’t ignore.

    As for the pkg_add – it’s provided here for your convenience. We have people using it on it’s systems (currently, mostly – FreeBSD 8 and 9) without any issues. We are not yet in ports, but we are working on this and ready to use package is the best option we can provide so far.

    Please, let me know if anything!

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    just to bring an update – we relaunched the service a while ago and recently rolled out an updated version with most of the concerns addressed.
    You can find the details in our blog, created to keep our customers up to date with the major updates and changes.

    If anything – please, let us know – we are here to serve.


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