June’s issue of the BSD Magazine is now available: FreeBSD on Rails (free PDF download).

FreeBSD Mag June 2013You’ll find the following subjects inside:

  • A backup server with FreeBSD for mixed networks in SOHO environment
  • Keep OpenBSD customers satisfied
  • FreeBSD in Xen Cloud Platform (XCP)
  • FreeBSD on Rails
  • Manage your Ruby Versions Under FreeBSD
  • The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
  • Creating PBI’s with EasyPBI
  • Sofin, the Software Installer

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

BBC has abandoned a $150m IT project and suspended the CTO responsible. What is it about large scale public sector IT projects that cause them to be synonymous with failure?

Sofin, the Software Installer

If you’ve ever tried building software for your server without getting mad and frustrated, without approaching endless problems with software requirements, user demands and that entire mess, you should probably know that there’s a solution available that addresses these problems. It’s called Sofin.

A backup server with FreeBSD for mixed networks in SOHO environment

Backing up servers and clients is an essential task that should be carried out on a regular basis, as it helps prevent the loss of data. The backup tasks can be performed in two different ways, using automated software or by running the software manually. It is essential, however, to make sure that the backups are working properly and running on a regular basis.

FreeBSD on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a powerful Web framework. It makes application prototyping a breeze, in a few days. Installing it is quite trivial if you know the pitfalls.

Creating PBI’s with EasyPBI

The Push Button Installer (PBI) format is an easy-to-use package format for end-user applications that requires a specialized set of build instructions to create a PBI package. EasyPBI is designed to simplify the generation and use of these build instructions so that even non-technical users can quickly create and distribute applications as PBI packages.

Manage your Ruby Versions Under FreeBSD

Ruby Version Manager is a great tool to manage several Ruby binaries without dependency breaks. The examples from this article have been tested under FreeBSD 9.1 with bash.

Keep OpenBSD customers satisfied

For a long time there was nothing like security updates for OpenBSD packages. Now M:Tier company has introduced a new long-term support and update service for OpenBSD.

FreeBSD in Xen Cloud Platform (XCP)

The Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) is an ISO that installs onto your host, providing a complete enterprise-ready out-of-the-box server virtualization and cloud computing platform after install.
This article will list XCP’s advantages and will show how to take them with FreeBSD. Moreover, it will tell how to run FreeBSD in XCP.

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