bsd_now_logoThe BSDNow team, consisting of Kris Moore, Allan Jude and TJ, have uploaded another weekly video onto

The show is dedicated to spreading the word about the BSD family of operating systems, and keeping those who are already aware up to date with the latest news and developments.

Episode 8:A  Brief Intorduction contains the following discussions:

  • FreeBSD July-September 2013 Status Report
  • Dragonfly SMP contention update
  • FreeBSD gets “first boot” rc.d scripts
  • NetBSD gets lua scripting in the kernel
  • Interview – Antti Kantee
  • Running a Tor relay, bridge, exit or hidden service
  • Second PCBSD feature digest is out
  • OpenBSD imports VXLAN interface
  • OpenZFS Office Hours
  • BSDMag’s October issue is out