The BSDNow team, consisting of Kris Moore and Allan Jude (and TJ in the background), have uploaded another weekly video onto

The show is dedicated to spreading the word about the BSD family of operating systems, and keeping those who are already aware up to date with the latest news and developments.

Episode 009: -CURRENT Events –  table of contents

  • Managed services using FreeBSD
  • OpenBSD boot support for keydisk-based crypto volumes
  • More Dragonfly SMP speedups
  • Getting to know portmgr
  • BSD Now at the top of iTunes
  • Interview – Henning Brauer – / @henningbrauer
  • Tracking -STABLE and -CURRENT
  • OpenBSD gets XBox360 controller support
  • PCBSD 10-STABLE ISOs available
  • Switching from Linux to BSD
  • Unattended OpenBSD installations
  • Feedback/Questions