The BSDNow team, (Kris MooreAllan JudeTJ and Chris Fisher), have uploaded another weekly video onto

The show is dedicated to spreading the word about the BSD family of operating systems, and keeping those who are already aware up to date with the latest news and developments.

  • OpenBSD 5.4 released
  • FreeBSD pkgng repos are official
  • DragonflyBSD 3.6 branched
  • FreeBSD portmgr lurkers
  • Interview – Michael W. Lucas
  • Configuring FreeBSD as a desktop system (tutorial)
  • Capsicum in DragonflyBSD
  • NYCBSDCon 2014
  • FreeBSD newcons progress update
  • Weekly PCBSD feature digest

Episode 010: Year of the BSD Desktop – table of contents