FreeBSD Journal announced

The FreeBSD Foundation has announced that it will launch the FreeBSD Journal in January 2014. The Journal will be a bi-monthly publication and will be available on the web or as an Android/iPhone/Kindle app.

We are preparing the debut our new online magazine, the FreeBSD Journal. We created high-quality brochures to teach people about FreeBSD. We also visited companies to help facilitate collaboration efforts with the Project.

The first issue will be focusing on (the then released) FreeBSD 10, the ZFS file system, the ARM Beaglebone Black on FreeBSD, the Clang compiler, and many other interesting subjects

It’s great to see the FreeBSD Foundation funding a purely FreeBSD focused magazine, and I’m sure the high quality content will make more companies move over to this rock solid operating system.



  1. Ivo Baron says

    I use FreeBSD since Release5 as my main OS (mostly on ThinkPads).
    From my perspective and for my needs it is the best OS ever – by far.
    Reading the BSDMag helps me to improve my knowledge and I hope so for the upcoming FreeBSD Journal also too.

    With best regards and good luck for your work. Ivo

  2. Thomas says

    Dear publishers,
    I would like to read this magazine on a FreeBSD system.
    How is this possible, or do i have to buy a device from Apple, Google or Amazon?

    Best regards,

  3. Gerard says

    I agree, it would be nice if there was a FreeBSD program to read it, or even better if it was published in epub or PDF format, just like the BSD Mag.


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