The BIG FreeBSD 10 Installation/Upgrade POLL

freebsd project logo 100x100FreeBSD-10.0-RELEASE became available just over a week ago and we thought it would be interesting to do a poll on FreeBSD 10-RELEASE installations and upgrades. This to find out how many people want to use the latest and the greatest, and how many of you are happy with what they’re already running etc.

If you want to take part, please tick one (or maximum three) of the options below that applies to you and your main server/desktop.

Note, the tickbox is located above the question, not under.

FreeBSD 10 Poll

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Many thanks for taking part.


  1. Tigersharke says

    I jumped onto 10.0 as soon as I could svn update my /usr/src and recently have decided to use a somewhat customized build. Even if negligible, why have capabilities or kernel objects that I am certain I’ll never use on my box? :)

  2. Anton says

    Other, please specify in the comments:
    We use FreeBSD in vmware envoirment, so we have to vaite untill vmware-tools for FreeBSD 10 come in.

  3. Ray says

    I’m running few servers based on FreeBSD 10 in a VMware enviroment and installed the VMware tools that came with the cd. Had to edit the script before starting the
    Everything is up and running now.

  4. bobsleer says

    hi. Does a major upgrade 9 -> 10 require any maintenance on binary pkg’s (installed with pkgng)?

  5. Sam says

    At first I fresh installed FreeBSD 10(onto USB stick, for training purposes), then I installed FreeBSD 9.3 BETA 1 and 2, and as those seem to work fine(I don’t have too convoluted requirements) I wait until I learn to install decent window manager. Presently I use Fluxbox, which I don’t like, Gnome2, which looks slightly better.
    Lookig forward to FreeBSD 11.. perhaps I’m closer to expert when it will be out.

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