freebsd_journalThough the FreeBSD Journal was announced and a few printed copies were distributed at last week’s NYCBSDCon, the FreeBSD Foundation has now officially announced the Journal on their blog:

“We are pleased to announce the FreeBSD Journal is now available! This is a new, FreeBSD focused, online publication.

You can find out how to subscribe to the Journal by going to Or, go to the following links for the device you’d like to download to:

Here’s the letter the editorial board wrote for this inaugural issue.”

I hope feedback from the FreeBSD Community will make future issues and distribution even better. How about a FreeBSD-friendly reader, or, even better, a PDF based version, just like the BSD Mag? DRM won’t stop somebody taking screenshots on his tablet and sharing these…

This is another good initiative by the Foundation to give FreeBSD more exposure.