FreeNAS_logo_lightThe developers of FreeNAS have made available the second release candidate for version

All bugs fixed in FreeNAS can be found here.

The major items of interest are mentioned in the ReleaseNotes here.
These items include:

  • Samba is updated to 4.1.9
  • Netatalk is updated to 3.1.2
  • Several fixes related to the System Dataset
  • A new VirtualBox jail template
  • Several fixes related to ZFS replication
  • A new mpr driver, officially sanctioned by LSI, for the LSI 12 Gbps SAS HBA
  • An experimental in-kernel iSCSI target
  • A .usb file which can be imaged to a USB key. This can be used for installing FreeNAS from a USB key.
  • various iSCSI fixes
  • scponly shell has been fixed
  • SMB2 protocol is the default for CIFS shares
  • VirtualBox template updated to 4.3.12

Since the last, additional items have been fixed including:

  • Samba updated from 4.1.8 to 4.1.9
  • Security fixes in file(1) and libmagic(3), and gss_pseudo_random interoperability issue. CVE-2013-7345, CVE-2014-1943, CVE-2014-2270, [EN-14:08]
  • other fixes

Please provide feedback on this RC. If no major problems are found, we will release in approximately 14 days.

To download the ISO/image files, head over to the following:

The official announcement post is here: