pcbsdThis is a how to video to show you how to get steam up and running on your PC-BSD based system. You must have a NVIDIA video card for this to work. Wine can still run steam with AMD / Intel graphics, but your game success rate will be terrible.


1: Download the latest Wine stable version in AppCafe
2: Run Wine Configuration from your DE’s search box
3: Apply the “dwrite” fix as shown in the video and apply it to global settings
4: Check /boot/loader.conf to see if the ZFS memory fix is in place
5: If you have to add the line to /boot/loader.conf you must run: sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
6: Apply the Nvidia / Wine patch: sudo sh /usr/local/share/wine/patch-nvidia.sh
7: Download and install the steam install for windows
8: Open steam and be sure to turn off the in game overlay in settings
9: Download your favorite game and have fun!