User Liron of iWillFolo wrote this comparison between Gentoo and FreeBSD. The author discusses both advantages and disadvantages of each software’s installation process, tools, optimization & customization features, available packages, as well as community & other resources.

Gentoo Vs FreeBSD

Gentoo and FreeBSD are both Unix / Unix-like operating systems which have many features in common, for instance, both enable tweaking the system out of the box. However they also have a fair share of differences as well. Following is a comparison of the two.

The following comparison will not cover each and every aspect / tiny detail of both OSs, rather, it will focus on notable features each holds and compare them one another.

If you’d like to get to know more aspects of each OS, perhaps the following pages would be a good place to start: 5 Reasons why use Gentoo-Linux, A Look Into: FreeBSD 10.1.

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