This tutorial by shows us how to get FreeBSD 10.1 setup, including configuring the network interface.

FreeBSD is a Free Unix like operating system from Berkeley Software distribution, which is available for all major platforms x86_64, IA-32, POWERPC, ARM etc, and mainly focuses on features, speed, and performance stability.

FreeBSD 10.1 Installation GuideFreeBSD 10.1 Installation Guide

FreeBSD used by many top-level IT companies like Juniper Networks, NetApp, Nokia, IBM, etc. and available for server platforms with command line interface only, but we can use any other Desktop environments such as Xfce, KDE, GNOME etc. to make it user friendly distro.

My Environment Setup
IP Address	:
Hostname	:
Hard Disk	:	10GB
Memory		:	1GB

This article will walk you through the some brief instructions on installing FreeBSD 10.1 and configure network (setting static IP address) interfaces using a text-based installation utility named bsdinstall under i386 and AMD64 architectures.

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