Xin Li has just been appointed as the new Security Officer as part of the FreeBSD Core Team. Congratulations sir! We also send our best wishes to Dag-Erling and his family.

Dear all,

With immediate effect, the FreeBSD Core	team has appointed Xin Li as
the new Security Officer.  Congratulations Xin!

The previous Security Officer, Dag-Erling Smørgrav has unfortunately
been unable to continue in the role due to his family circumstances.  As
is usual, he proposed his successor when he tendered his resignation to
Core.  Xin was formerly the Deputy Security Officer and Core was glad to
confirm his appointment.

Core wishes to thank Dag-Erling for his valuable contributions during
his time as Security Officer and wishes him every future success.

Traditionally the hand-over of the Security Officer role has been
announced by the departing Security Officer.  Unfortunately Dag-Erling
has not been able to do that, so in this instance I have been requested
to make the announcement in his stead.

FreeBSD Core Team Secretary
core-secretary at