pcbsd-logo Ken Moore has announced the availability of Lumina 0.8.5. The Lumina desktop was developed specifically for PC-BSD, though the lightweight desktop environment now runs on FreeBSD, OpenBSD and various Linux distributions.

The latest version of Lumina is considerd a beta release, but is stable enough for day-to-day use. Some of the new features which have appeared since Lumina 0.8.4 came out are:

  • Improved performance, especially with regards to the user/application menu.
  • A system monitoring desktop widget.
  • Desktop icons have received a large number of changes in styling, amount of visible text, and functionality. There is also a new feature to automatically generate plugins for items in the user’s Desktop directory – where each plugin may be individually moved/changed (not trapped within a container like the “desktopview” plugin).
  • Lumina has now been fully translated to German, Russian, and Spanish, and almost-completely translated to Catalan (89%), Chinese (61%), Estonian (53%), Indonesian (76%), Polish (89%), Portuguese (89%), Portuguese-Brazilian (89%), Swedish (91%), and Turkish (88%).

For more details on the latest release of Lumina, visit the PC-BSD blog. The source code for Lumina can be downloaded from the project’s GitHub repository.