NVIDIA Linux Graphics developer aplattner has released the latest update to their NVIDIA driver. For those using the Tesla K80 or GeForce 910M GPUs, support has been added for FreeBSD. Follow the link below to download for your distribution.

Original: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/860119/linux-solaris-and-freebsd-driver-352-30/


Release highlights since 352.21:

  • Added support for the following GPU:
    • Tesla K80
    • GeForce 910M
  • Fixed a bug that caused poor video post-processing performance in VDPAU when operating on a large number of video streams simultaneously.
  • Updated nvidia-installer to use modprobe(8) when leaving the NVIDIA kernel module loaded after installation, instead of insmod(8) or libkmod. This allows the kernel module to honor any configuration directives that apply to it in /etc/modprobe.d when it is loaded.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed console messages from the Linux kernel to be drawn over the user interface of nvidia-installer.

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Aaron Plattner
NVIDIA Linux Graphics