Thanks to user , we can install OwnCloud 8 along with Nginx and SSL on FreeBSD 10.2.


OwnCloud is suite of application client-server for creating hosting services, it is allow you to create your own cloud storage and allow you to share your data, contacts, calendar with other users and devices. OwnCloud is open source project that provides an easy way for you to sync and share your data that is hosted in your data center. it Has a beautiful and user-friendly front-end design, so that make a user easy for browse and access the data, then share to others users. OwnCloud an online secure enterprise file sync and file sharing.

In this tutorial, I will guide you a step by step to install owncloud 8, and we use Nginx(engine-X) as web server, php-fpm and mariaDB as the database system on FreeBSD 10.2.

Full tutorial: