Thanks to user , we can get a FAMP stack set up on FreeBSD 10.2, along with Mod Security.

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FAMP Stack or FreeBSD with Apache, MariaDB and PHP is a group of opensource software to run application based on php to your browser. FAMP similiar with LAMP (Linux Apache MAriaDB/MySQL and PHP) on linux server.

Mod Security is a Open source intrusion detection and prevention engine for web server. Support for Apache Nginx and IIS on windows server. It is one of the apache modules to prevent from hackers and other malicious attack like SQL Injection, XSS, LFI(Local File Inclusion), RFI(Remote File Inclusion) etc.

In this tutorial we will guide about Installation of FAMP Stack with FreeBSD 10.2, and then give you sample configuration of virtualhost on apache webserver. Next we will install and configure mod security to work with the FAMP Stack and activate on the virtualhost that have been created.

Check out the full tutorial here: