The developers of FreeBSD posted their third quarter status report for 2015.

Nonetheless, despite its record length, this report does not and cannot cover all of the work being done on FreeBSD throughout the reporting period — there are many bug fixes too minor to mention here, and developers too busy working on the next project to write up an entry for the previous project. It is not just the developers committing to Subversion that comprise the ongoing activities of FreeBSD, but also the users testing unreleased code or reporting bugs in released code, and participants on the mailing lists and forums helping each other solve their problems. Even the chats on IRC that wander far from the stated topic of a channel contribute to the community around FreeBSD; it is that community whose effectiveness and helpfulness is a key component of the effectiveness and usefulness of FreeBSD itself. Not just to the developers listed in this report, but to everyone in the community, thank you for making FreeBSD a great operating system.—Ben Kaduk

View the entire report here: