ajenti-logo-250x250Thanks to user , we can get Ajenti set up on FreeBSD 10.2, along with Nginx and SSL. Follow the link below to see the guide.

Ajenti is open source web based system management tools, control panel for your server based on python. Support for many distro like Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian and Unix FreeBSD. Ajenti coded with python, it is lightweight control panel with beautiful interface. It is allow you to manage your services on your server, manage apache, cron jobs, firewall, mysql database etc. Ajenti is powerfull and easy to install.

In this tutorial we will guide you to install ajenti with nginx as the web server, and then configure SSL for ajenti on freebsd 10.2. we will guide you to install ajenti from pip (Package management in python), install all package needed by ajenti from freebsd ports, and then install and configure nginx to running in front of ajenti with SSL enabled.

Full tutorial: http://linoxide.com/linux-how-to/install-ajenti-nginx-ssl-freebsd-10-2/