bugzillaThanks to user , we can get Bugzilla set up on FreeBSD 10.2, along with Apache and SSL. Follow the link below for the full instructions.

Bugzilla is open source web base application for bug tracker and testing tool, develop by mozilla project, and licensed under Mozilla Public License. It is used by high tech company like mozilla, redhat and gnome. Bugzilla was originally created by Terry Weissman in 1998. It written in perl, use MySQL as the database back-end. It is a server software designed to help you manage software development. Bugzilla has a lot of features, optimized database, excellent security, advanced search tool, integrated with email capabilities etc.

In this tutorial we will install bugzilla 5.0 with apache for the web server, and enable SSL for it. Then install mysql51 as the database system on freebsd 10.2.

Full tutorial: http://linoxide.com/tools/install-bugzilla-apache-ssl-freebsd-10-2/