PC-BSD gets a mention in this blog post by user Susan Linton (OSTATIC).

PC-BSD is the Linux Mint of free BSDs, an easy-to-use desktop system. Today Joshua Allen Holm briefs readers on the nature of free BSDs before diving in. The installer, Allen said, isn’t perfect making “a good, but not great, first impression.” He thought the software selection was good, but didn’t really like the “roles” model of categorizing. After install, the interface is familiar and clean. The package management is tidy and attractive supporting three grades of update schedules: “Enterprise, Production, and Edge.” That as well as other system configurations can be found in the PC-BSD control center and Allen thinks the PC-BSD handbook “does a good job as striking a balance between concise and thorough.” PC-BSD is the place to start your adventures into free BSDs.

Original: http://ostatic.com/blog/bsds-in-linuxland-and-best-rolling-distros