HyperV Foundation.png-550x0In part 12 of the Microsoft Loves Linux Deep Dive series, user Michael Kelley gives us a summary of using Linux and FreeBSD in your datacenter. Take a look at the link below to read the full article.

Second, doing a great job of running Linux and FreeBSD as guest operating systems on Hyper-V is fundamental.  We’ve heard your feedback as customers that your datacenters are heterogeneous.  You run workloads on Windows, you run workloads on Linux, and you probably run some workloads on UNIX.  Being able to run Linux and FreeBSD as a guest on Hyper-V enables you to operate a single infrastructure for both workloads, and not have to bifurcate the underlying hardware, the hypervisor, and the management infrastructure.  The first few posts in this series describe how Microsoft works with the Linux and FreeBSD communities to build the drivers for running these operating systems on Hyper-V.  The posts also describe how high I/O performance is achieved in a virtual environment, and the sophisticated management features, such as online backup and dynamic memory, that accrue to Linux and FreeBSD guests running on Hyper-V.

Blog: http://blogs.technet.com/b/server-cloud/archive/2015/12/17/microsoft-loves-linux-deep-dive-12-summary-of-running-and-managing-linux-and-freebsd-in-your-datacenter.aspx