Phoronix has rounded up their most popular BSD related stories of 2015. Follow the link below to view the full round up.

While we primarily focus on Linux operating system news and releases, I do enjoy watching the *BSD space and covering their major events. This year has saw some great updates for DragonFlyBSD, FreeBSD, and friends. Here’s a look at the most popular BSD news on Phoronix for 2015.

BSD in 2015 made much progress in their catching up of DRM/KMS graphics driver support ported from the Linux kernel, ZFS on FreeBSD continues marching, HAMMER2 for DragonFlyBSD continued to be developed, the various BSDs using Clang have continued advancing, etc. The ten most popular BSD news stories on 2015 as found on Phoronix were:

Most Popular BSD Stories of 2015: