Check out RAMSDENJ‘s home server build of FreeNAS, influenced by the user’s decision to use a FreeBSD based operating system.

HDD-wiredI considered using plain FreeBSD to give myself complete flexibility, but considering this was my first server build and what I was intending to use the server for was basically network attached storage I settled on using FreeNAS for the ease of use and advanced features. FreeNAS is a variant of FreeBSD that has been altered in order to be an easy to use network attached storage server. It can all be managed from a web interface and is easy to use but is also filled with power features. Since it’s also basically FreeBSD under the hood, if you do want to accomplish something that can’t be done in the web interface, you can easily drop down into the command line to do whatever you’re trying to accomplish. The web interface makes it easy to manage your ZFS volumes and discs letting you easily attach new pools or export your pools, take snapshots, make datasets, and use ZFS replication. I figured this would be an easy way to get used to using all these features and that if I wanted to switch to FreeBSD at a later date it would be as easy as exporting my pool and installing FreeBSD.

See the entire build here: