Check out this guide from Colin Percival, on how to get FreeBSD set up on your EdgeRouter lite. Follow the link below for full instructions.

I recently bought an EdgeRouter Lite to use as a network gateway; I had been using a cheap consumer wifi/NAT device, but I wanted the extra control I could get by running FreeBSD rather than whatever mangled version of Linux the device came with. Someone wrote instructions on installing FreeBSD onto the EdgeRouter Lite two years ago, but they rely on using the serial port to reconfigure the boot loader — perfectly straightforward if you have a serial cable and know what you’re doing, but I decided to take the opportunity to provide a more streamlined process.


  • An EdgeRouter Lite.
  • A small Phillips (“plus”) screwdriver.
  • Another system running FreeBSD.

Full tutorial:

Thanks to DragonFly BSD Digest for the link.