Larry the BSD Guy reports on VIMAGE, a network stack virtualization platform, and Lumina Desktop Environment, both making significant advancements on FreeBSD. Check out his articles in the links below to see whats in store for the future.

So what is VIMAGE?

“The VIMAGE project builds upon FreeBSD’s jail lightweight virtualization mechanism,” Maste explains in the newsletter. “The initial VIMAGE work was supported by NLNet and the FreeBSD Foundation, and has been available as a kernel compile-time option for some time. Unfortunately, a number of stability and reliability issues have prevented the project from enabling VIMAGE in the default GENERIC kernel.”

VIMAGE Coming Soon to FreeBSD –


The BSD licensed Lumina Desktop aims to release version 1.0 in July.

It appears the sun is rising on Lumina.

Ken Moore, the lead developer for the BSD-based Lumina Desktop Environment, announced that another step towards the release of a full-fledged desktop environment for BSD variants (and Linux distros, for that matter) has been achieved with the release of version 0.8.8 yesterday.

Lumina Desktop Getting Ready for FreeBSD 11.0

Thanks to DragonFlyDigest for the links.