trustyteenieThe FreeBSD Team has released their status report for Quarter 4 of 2015, detailing the tremendous progress in their development projects. As summarized by Phoronix, notable achievements are:

– Support for FreeBSD ARM on the Banana Pi, Cubie Board, and Cubie Board 2.
– Evaluating whether to accept GPLv3 licensed code into their source repository.
– The CAM I/O scheduler continues to advance, hopefully in time for FreeBSD 11.
– The FreeBSD graphics stack was updated to Mesa 11.0.8 and X.Org Server 1.17.4. An updated i915 KMS driver is also expected to soon land.

and much more.

The fourth quarter of 2015 saw a great deal of activity for FreeBSD. This is now the third quarter running for which I can say that this is the largest report yet published! Many thanks to everyone who proactively submitted topics and entries — it is great to have more complete coverage of ongoing development for the community to learn about in these reports.

An experimental new Triage Team was formed this quarter to create a new way for community members to participate, and to improve issue management and productivity in general. Making more effective use of automation and tooling can help to increase developer productivity and the quality of FreeBSD, just as the adoption of Jenkins and continual integration tooling catches regressions quickly and maintains the high standards for the system.

Efforts to bring our BSD high standards to new architectures continue, with impressive work on arm64 leading to its promotion to Tier-2 status and a flurry of work bringing up the new RISC-V hardware architecture. Software architecture is also under active development, including system startup and service management. A handful of potential init system replacements are mentioned in this report: launchd, relaunchd, and nosh. Architectural changes originating both from academic research (multipath TCP) and from the realities of industry (sendfile(2) improvements) are also under way. It is heartening to see how FreeBSD provides a welcoming platform for contributions from both research and industry.

To all the readers, whether from academia or industry, hobbyist or professional: I hope you are as excited as I am to read about all of the progress and projects covered in this report, and the future of FreeBSD!

—Ben Kaduk

Full status report: