Thanks to user , we can get Qemu running on FreeBSD 10. See the link below for the full instructions.

QEMU is a hypervisor, that can emulate many number of architectures.Some of the architectures include:

  • i386
  • x86_64
  • Alpha
  • Arm
  • MIPS
  • MIPS64
  • PPC
  • PPC64
  • Sparc
  • Sparc64

In this article lets look at, how to install QEMU on FreeBSD 10. By default, QEMU on FreeBSD supports the following architectures.

  • i386
  • x86_64

Install Qemu using the following command.

pkg install qemu

Full tutorial: http://fosskb.in/2016/02/21/installing-qemu-on-freebsd-10/