If you have not seen the mailing list, the developers of FreeBSD are planning to package the FreeBSD 11 base system with pkg(8).

For those who have missed the initial email surrounding this topic, we
are planning on packaging the base system with pkg(8) for 11.0-RELEASE.


At this time, I believe the major blockers and critical issues have been
resolved where it is time for an official call-for-testing.

Please note, as with any development branch, this is not yet intended
for production environments.  Testing on virtual machines or dedicated
testing machines is strongly encouraged.

Also note (as repeated below), running 'pkg delete -a' will implicitly
remove base system packages after they are installed.

To obtain the sources for testing, please use the projects/release-pkg
branch: ...

See the original announcement: https://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-pkgbase/2016-March/000032.html