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This tutorial by user sk shows us how to get FEMP stack [Nginx, MariaDB, PHP] set up on FreeBSD 10.2. Follow the link below for the full instructions.

In our previous tutorial, we have described how to setup FAMP stack in FreeBSD.

Now, We will show you how to install Nginx, MariaDB, and PHP (FEMP) stack in FreeBSD 10.2 server.

As you probably know, FEMP is the acronym of FreeBSD, Nginx (engine x), MariaDB/MySQL, and PHP.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be using the following test machine.

  • Operating system: FreeBSD 10.2 64 bit system
  • Hostname: freebsd.ostechnix.local
  • IP Address:

Well, now let us start to deploy FAMP stack on FreeBSD 10.2.

Full tutorial: