freeNAS_flatThe developers of FreeNAS have announced version 9.10-RELEASE. This version features the base system as 10.3-RC3 going forward. Other notable changes are: experimental support for bhyve virtual machines, added support for various Intel hardware, SMB update, FreeBSD ports update to 2016Q1 branch, and more. Follow the link below for the full release notes.

The FreeNAS Development Team is very happy to announce that FreeNAS 9.10-RELEASE <> is now available!

This is an interim release between the 9.3 series and 10 (which is still a few months away), using the same UI and middleware that everyone is used to from 9.3 but with new OS underpinnings, specifically FreeBSD 10.3-RC3. 

Coincident with this release of 9.10, we are also placing 9.3 into maintenance mode and will only be pushing further updates to the 9.3-STABLE train in response to the most critical security advisories or product flaws. We therefore strongly suggest that all current users of 9.3 upgrade to 9.10 in order to continue to benefit from the ongoing maintenance and bug fix work we will be doing on the 9.10-STABLE Train.  Most, if not all, bug fixes will be made exclusively to the 9.10-STABLE train in reaction to tickets filed on  Again:  Users who choose to stay on the 9.3-STABLE train will see only the most critical bug fixes and no new features or non-essential enhancements.

To update to 9.10 from 9.3, go to System->Update and select the 9.10-STABLE train from the Train selection drop-down.  To update from any earlier release of FreeNAS to 9.10, simply grab the ISO image <> and boot it (from CD, IPMI or USB stick), selecting the Upgrade option in the installer.

Official announcement:


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