el-capitanrustUser shows us how to cross compile Rust from Mac OS X to the FreeBSD operating system. Rust is a programming language designed for “safety, speed, and concurrency”. See the link below for the full instructions.

About this repository

This repository contain instructions on how to build a cross compiler and a set of files that I build on my El Capitan machine.

If you don’t want to build the necessary files yourself, clone this repository, skip to Rust section and take it from there.

If you don’t need a gcc cross compiler for C/C++ maybe there is a easier and faster way of making a cross toolchain for only Rust. Please let me know if you know it.


A FreeBSD 11 machine (real or virtual).
A Mac OS X computer.


On OS X, declare variables we need and create the folder for cross compile files.

Full tutorial: https://github.com/yohanesu75/crossrust