For those who have not seen it, the latest BSD Magazine issue features an introduction to Swift, an open source language used by OS X and iOS. Download the PDF and ePUB in the link below. This issue also features a column by Rob Somerville regarding the recent Apple security incident, an article about TrueNAS, and an excerpt on UNIX file systems.


Dear Readers,

February, the month of love, is behind us. This month we have Easter. We hope you have a great time with your families this month of Easter (as we do every month ;)).

This issue opens with BSD World Monthly News, as always.  Next, you will find a couple of articles about Swift. To begin with, “Introduction to Swift, Open Source Language for iOs” by David Carlier. After that, “Open Source Might Be the New Business Era!” is a very nice and easily read article by Georgios Pessios. It is his debut, let us know what you think about his first article. The topic of Swift closes with “Memory Management in Swift” by Arash Z. Jahangiri.