Xfce_logo.svgUser  shows us how to get a FAMP or ““FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL and PHP” server set up on FreeBSD 11. Also, he shows us how to get XFCE, a lightweight desktop environment, set up on FreeBSD 11. Be warned that both instructions should be done only in a testing environment.

Warning!!! Stable version of FreeBSD 11 won’t be available until 27 July 2016. Hence, do not use it for production.


Install MySQL using the following command.

pkg install mysql57-server

Once MySQL is installed we need to set the password for root user. Start the MySQL server once for setting the password for root……

Setting up FAMP server on FreeBSD 11 using Pkg

FreeBSD 11 can be downloaded from this link. Install FreeBSD according to your requirements, and once the installation is complete, use the following steps to install XFCE desktop evironment.

For more details and documentation of XFCE desktop you can have a look here.

Installing XFCE-4 on FreeBSD 11