RootBSD_LogoRootBSD, a hosting provider known for its extensive FreeBSD options, are now bringing their centers over to the Silicon Valley area of California. See the full announcement in the link below.

RootBSD brings its rock solid *BSD-based hosting service to the world’s tech hub, Silicon Valley. Announcing the opening of its cloud and bare metal services at its San Jose Central Colo- SV1 datacenter, RootBSD will have a presence and access to the headquarters of the world’s leading tech companies and hottest startups.

Developers can utilize both bare metal and cloud service deployments through RootBSD’s service, which supports OpenBSD, NetBSD and FreeBSD. The San Jose datacenter connects to more than 125 providers as well as one of the world’s largest peering points and internet exchanges. RootBSD users can interconnect directly to hundreds of companies (including global telecom companies, cloud service providers, content companies and leading social media platforms) colocated at the datacenter.

“Our expansion into Silicon Valleyand the Bay Area means that our customers can now service a very vital and important part of the tech sector in the manner they wish to deploy — through cloud services or through bare metal servers,” Mark Price, RootBSD’s CEO, said. “Most importantly, we offer users who prefer to work in OpenBSD, NetBSD and FreeBSD environments the best service of any hosting company. This is also important to us, as Silicon Valley and the University of California at Berkeley is the birthplace of BSD — FreeBSD was also known as ‘Berkeley Unix’.”

Official announcement:

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