The latest issue of the BSD Magazine features an introduction kernel and syscalls on FreeBSD by David Carlier. As someone who is not a main user of unikernels, Hamza Shiekh discusses what the pros and cons may be. In addition, Russell Pavlicek dives deeper into the subject of unikernels. Included are much more kernel content, as well an article on OpenBSD and FreeNAS. Download your copy of the PDF or EPUB from the link below.


The latest BSD Magazine
Dear Readers,

We hope you have all been doing well. This issue is focused on kernels. We will start from “An Outsider Perspective on Unikernels” by Hamza Sheikh. Russell Pavlicek will explain you, how to “Understand Unikerlnes”. What do you think about unikernels yourself?

Next, David Carlier will introduce you to “Kernel and Syscalls”. We would also like to share with you the first module of David’s online course “Developing FreeBSD Kernel Modules”. We took down this course from the web page, because materials were not completed. But the ones we have are very good and we would like to share them with you. If you are interested in learning “How to Upgrade OpenBSD and Build a Kernel”, you have to take a look at Bob Cromwell’s article. You will love it!
iXsystems shared with us this month “Maxing Out Storage Performance with ZFS Caching”. Mark VonFange always has some- thing ready for you ;)
Fifth episode of “Model View Whatever” series will be focused on “Dolphin Smalltalk MVP”. Damian Czernous will evaluate “More vs less important view logic”.
In this issue you will find one interview. We spoke with Giuseppe Canale about cyber security, Windows 10, being an expert and about open source, of course.
In the end, as always, is Rob’s column and his point of view on the Panama Papers leak. What do you think about it? Has your country been mentioned in the many articles that have come out?

We would like to highly recommend you take a look at our online courses, especially if you liked the first module of “Developing FreeBSD Kernel Modules”. We have three more online courses that you can still join and one that is slowly being prepared ;)

Also, we would like to thank all of you who contacted us after Marta’s message to you. We have gotten so many responses! Next BSD Mag issue belongs to you!

Have a nice April!
Marta & BSD Mag Team

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