The FreeBSD Project Team members have made available the first quarterly status report for 2016, covering the period between January to the end of March 2016. Notable changes are a new code of conduct, improved support for Cavium ThunderX 64-bit ARM, a new GPLv3 toolchain repository and more. See the full status report at the link below.

Freebsd-logoThe first quarter of 2016 showed that FreeBSD retains a strong sense of ipseity. Improvements were pervasive, lending credence to the concept of meliorism.

Panegyrics are relatively scarce, but not for lack of need. Perhaps this missive might serve that function in some infinitesimal way.

There was propagation, reformation, randomization, accumulation, emulation, transmogrification, debuggenation, and metaphrasal during this quarter.

In the financioartistic arena, pork snout futures narrowly edged out pointilism, while parietal art remained fixed.

In all, a discomfiture of abundance. View the rubrics below, and marvel at their profusion and magnitude! Marvel!

—Warren Block

FreeBSD Q1 Status Report:


Phoronix – FreeBSD Working On A GPLv3 Toolchain Repo & Other Advancements In Q1-2016