Ken Moore, creator of the Lumina Desktop Environment, has made available version 0.9.0. This version adds a new compositing effect, and more improvements are lined up for version 1.0. Lumina is also part of the PC-BSD project. See the link below for the full notes, including a schedule for upcoming features.

luminacompositingFirst, I would like to thank everyone for their patience as we continue working toward the first non-beta release of the Lumina desktop. We are still planning on version 1.0.0 getting released later this year (aligning with the FreeBSD 11.0 Release Schedule or earlier), but some issues have come to light that required we adjust our feature list for version 1.0.0 a bit.

Official announcement:

Kogonuso – PC-BSD’s Lumina Desktop 0.9.0 Environment Launches with Compositing Effects