RootBSD_LogoRootBSD, known for its *BSD hosting services, has announced dedicated servers located in Dallas, TX datacenters. Not too long ago, the hosting provider announced that its servers were populating in datacenters in San Jose, the heart of the Silicon Valley. Their most popular plan is the Lambda plan, for those looking to get into BSD hosting.

Customers of RootBSD can now deploy bare metal servers to its Dallas data center, giving them a choice of MaaS or cloud services.

RootBSD expands the bare metal server presence of its rock solid *BSD-based hosting service to its Dallas data center, with its latest MaaS release and platform available to its customers now.

“Our customers can now deploy bare metal servers in minutes to our Dallas data center at a price that’s comparable to cloud servers,” Mark Price, RootBSD’s CEO, said. “This is in addition to the existing cloud services we offer at the location. No matter what their service needs are, whether it’s MaaS or IaaS, we can offer the best service on the *BSD platform of their choice — OpenBSD, NetBSD and FreeBSD.”

Official announcement: