This guide from the folks at SCOpenSource shows you how to get started with FreeBSD, from installation all the way to setting up the desktop environment. Follow the link below for the full instructions.


Installing a Desktop Environment (XFCE) on FreeBSD

In this tutorial, I am going to install FreeBSD 10.3 and then I will install a desktop environment, specifically XFCE. However, the following steps would work for any desktop environment supported by FreeBSD, including, but not limited to, MATE, Gnome, and KDE. Also, this is not a complete guide to installing FreeBSD. If more information or if you have questions not addressed in this guide, please see the FreeBSD documentation on the FreeBSD website.

Step 1 – Downloading

Download FreeBSD 10.3. FreeBSD is available from Click the link Get FreeBSD then click your architecture under FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE …

Full tutorial: