The developers of GhostBSD have made available the second ALPHA for version 10.3. See the link below for the update and full release notes.


This second ALPHA development release is for testing and debugging new feature in GhostBSD 10.3, MATE and XFCE is available on SourceForge for the i386, amd64, and amd64-uefi architectures.

New feature.

  • UEFI is now supported for 64bit only.

What has been fix.

  • Gbi log and partition data base is now deleting when closing gbi.
  • Resetting partition data base when going back the installation type.
  • 4K Partition Alignment.
  • Networkmgr full SSID name.
  • System Update duplicating the whole install under /boot/kernel.old
  • Gbi “back” button error
  • sudo configuration
  • Wifi down by default
  • /etc/localtime not created by installer.
  • Locales are not correctly set up on installation.
  • missing kern.vty=vt setting in

Official announcement:

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