In this blog by Alexandra Leslie, she writes of Allan Jude’s many contributions to the FreeBSD operating system. They discuss his work as a sysdmin, how it has helped to shape the documentation, the maintenance of the large amount of ports & packages, boot environment contributions, and how ZFS helped his video streaming service (ScaleEngine), and more. See the full article at the link below.


TL; DR: Powering platforms like Netflix or your favorite gaming system, FreeBSD is a robust, open-source operating system relied on by millions of sites to serve web pages. Even Mac OSX is based, in part, on FreeBSD. With over 400 volunteer devs at its helm, the FreeBSD Project is a dynamic force that puts the control in administrators’ hands. Project Committer Allan Jude has been a fan of the project since 2002. He discusses the system’s internal structure and the feature functionality that drew him in — contributing to its documentation and then to its development — and what he’s working on now, more than a decade later.

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