VirtualBox_FreeBSD_Desktop_28_04_2016_14_44_37User Siseneg shows us how to get the FreeBSD operating system set up from the bottom up and details each step along the way. See the link below for the full instructions.

We’ll be building FreeBSD from scratch, which starts you off with the base system and a terminal. No flashy graphics, no desktop, no file manager, no web browser, no image manipulator, etc. You start with the base system, a terminal, and build 3rd party apps as you see fit. If you’re not familiar with the CLI, Command Line Interface, it’s where you will be doing a good part of your work from, and all of it till you build a Window Manager, like Fluxbox, or Desktop Environment, like Gnome, as a GUI, or Graphic User Interface, which is what you’re familiar with as a Windows or Linux user. If you’ve got an old PC or laptop laying around that just can’t run the bloat that is Windows, FreeBSD can breathe new life in it and is the perfect solution to it collecting dust.

Full tutorial: