Glen Barber has announced that Rod Grimes, an original member of the FreeBSD Release Engineering Team, is back in action and ready to provide his decades of expertise to the operating system. You can see his talk at BSDCan 2016 to get familiar with his work.

Dear FreeBSD Community:

It gives me great pleasure to announce to you all that we have found, and somehow managed to trick, our first Release Engineer into rejoining the FreeBSD Release Engineering Team.

For those that have not attended BSDCan 2016, Rod Grimes reappeared after about 24 years.  There is an excellent talk from him available online that gives a brief background of the Project, available here:

I was personally fortunate enough to attend this talk, and during the Q/A part asked Rod when he was going to return to Release Engineering.

I encourage you to listen to the talk, but his response was basically "when you drag me back."

Well, I succeeded in this endeavor, and I am pleased to announce to you all that Rod Grimes, the first FreeBSD Release Engineer, is back on the team.

Rod's insight from historical points of view will be of great value to the Project today as it has evolved.

This is something I never thought would ever happen.  But that is the great thing about this community - always expect the unexpected.

Welcome back, Rod.

With sincerity beyond words,


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