User gonzo details his experience in getting FreeBSD setup on a Jetson TK1 mini computer. The Jetson TK1 is an embedded development platform by NVIDIA and contains a CPU, GPU, and ISP. See the link below for his findings.


First of all – my TK1 didn’t have U-Boot. Type of bootloader depends on the version of Linux4Tegra TK1 comes with. Mine had L4T R19, with some kind of “not u-boot” bootloader. My first attempt was to use tegrarcm tool, it uses libusb, so it’s possible to build it on FreeBSD with some elbow grease, but once I tried to run it – it gave me cryptic errors and USB is not my strong skill so I took low road and installed Ubuntu VM. For what is’s worth I got the same kind of error on Ubuntu.

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